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Sample "Self-Assessment Questionnaire"

Here is a sampling of questions from the "Christian Fundamentals Self-Assessment Questionnaires" found in the Personal Disciplemaking Tool Kit and the Mini Kit. These questions would be used as a springboard for discussion... not as a definitive, scientific assessment. By discussing them you (the discipler) can understand better what the disciple knows and understands about these topics... and you can determine quickly what areas you want to address in your times together. See our Christian Fundamentals Topics for more.

Check out the Personal Disciplemaking Tool Kit in the catalog. You can also download the Mini-Kit for printing in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.


Choose the most appropriate answer for each question. Don't be tempted to respond untruthfully to put yourself in a more positive light, or to say what you think people want to hear -- answer honestly. If none of the options are quite right, choose the one that is closest.

1. I am [not sure, fairly sure, mostly sure, positive] that if I were to die today, I would immediately go to heaven.

3. I am [not sure, fairly sure, mostly sure, positive] that all my sins have been forgiven.

7. I have [minimal, partial, average, pretty good, thorough] understanding of how to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

10. I have [minimal, partial, average, pretty good, thorough] understanding of why it is important for me to be involved actively in fellowship with other Christians.

14. I know that prayer is simply talking to God, and I don't have any real difficulty doing it. [agree, disagree, not sure]

16. Right now, I could do a [poor, fair, good, great] job of telling others who they might come to a saving knowledge of Christ.

22. I am [terrible, fair, pretty good, very good] at managing time, goals and priorities in my life.

27. I would say at this point I am [minimally, somewhat, very, extremely] motivated to actively pursue my spiritual development and my relationship with God.

Key matching questions to Christian Fundamentals:

Question 1 - Topic 1a
Question 3 - Topic 1c
Question 7 - Topic 3
Question 10 - Topic 6
Question 14 - Topic 8
Question 16 - Topic 9
Question 22 - Topic 11
Question 27 - Topic 12

View the full questionnaire in the Personal Disciplemaking Mini-Kit in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format.

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